Alan Cooper Wins the 2015 Stage Competition


Alan Cooper won this years stage competition and as well as the title and trophy he wins 2 tickets to our annual dinner.

Alan performed a mentalism act which had even the most experience members in the room scratching their heads how he did it!

The act featured some amazing mind reading and a routine that predicted lottery numbers ahead of them being selected by the audience.

Alan is pictured being presented with the trophy by President Mark Traversoni.

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Frank Allen Win 2015 Close-Up Competition

frank cup

This years close up competition was hard fought with 8 competitors entering.

Frank came out a worthy winner with a very slick and well presented routine. The main pieces of his act were a coin routine where coins appeared and moved between two small boxes in an impossible way, and a very original dice and cup routine.

Frank now goes on to represent the club in the Midlands Champion of Champions competition.

Frank is pictured above with President Mark Traversoni presenting the trophy.

Matthew Redmond Wins 2014 Stage Competition


On 17th September Matthew Redmond won the 2014 competition with a comedy silk disappearance, his own egg bag and Pom Pom routines, interspersed with comedy quips and one liners.

2 others members competed and were watched by the membership and invited guest who had a very enjoyable evening.

Paul Kybert our President (left) is pictured presenting the Stage Shield to Matthew.

Kev G Wins 2014 Close-Up Competition


Kev G came out as winner of this years Close-Up Competition. With a back in time themed routine, amongst his effects cards re-boxed and sealed themselves with the spectators signed card inside finishing with the signed card frozen in ice. The competition was tough this year with all the entrants putting on a good show.

Kev now goes on to represent the club at the Midlands Champion of Champions Competition.

Bernard Anderson aka B J Powers A Broken Wand 7th February 2014

Written by Frank Alain AKA (Alain A Story Teller) Bernard Anderson passed away following a heart operation and will be sadly missed by family and friends. I first met Bernard in the late 1970’s, at the time he was performing a traditional dove act producing doves cards etc.

By the early 80’s he had moved into mentalism and stage hypnosis. I had the privilege of working with him on his stage show. Bernard would open the show with his mentalist act and I would follow with a cabaret act, Bernard would then finish with what was an absolutely brilliant and extremely funny stage hypnotic show. At this time he was also helping many people with hypnotherapy, he had a constant stream of clients that he dedicated a considerable amount of time to.

By the mid 1980’s he was a member of the Coventry Magic Circle and the Leamington and Warwick Magic Society, although the last few years his membership of Coventry ceased he remained a member rod Leamington to the end of his days. By the end of the late 1980’s we had both moved into what is now called Bizarre Magic, as I was working with the Black Heart Organisation Bernard was constantly in the background offering help and advise.

In the late 1990’s early 2000’s we had both become members of the Immortals and had the privilege of meeting and working with people like Charles cameron, Brother Shadow, Eugene Burger and many other top bizarre performers of the day. Bernard had also won the very first Bizarre Performer of the Year Competition at a gathering in Blackpool. Since then Bernard has become well know both here and in America, attending many gatherings in Edinburgh and Doomsday Gatherings in Whitby, during that time he has continued to earn the respect of many people.

Bernard will I’m sure be remembered by many for the help and advise he gave them, he had a very astute mind a wicked sense of humour and was capable of sorting out almost any magical problem, be it sleight of hand or just a better way to routine your act.

It has been a privilege and a please to know Bernard Anderson and to have had his friendship for the past 40 years, he will be missed.

A Memorial Night is being held on 11th September 2014 if you wish to attend please contact Frank.

An Evening of Magic


The children of L.A.C.E.S. are learning and growing into strong young leaders of their communities as they learn key life skills through playing football and kickball.

The mentoring receive is changing them from the inside out. It is a magical transformation!

We are very excited to be able to send you a pre launch invite for you to purchase your tickets to the first ever L.A.C.E.S. Evening of Magic at the fantastic Blue Coat Theatre.

Tickets are ridiculously priced at £5 each so they will go – just like that!

We will celebrate the fun, laughter and joy of the change we have seen so far and join in the excitement of the new community that we will be starting in September.

We are delighted to have 5 award winning magicians who will amaze you with their stage and close up skills all in support of changing children’s lives.

It will be a great night with some wonderful surprises!

Buy your tickets here:

Hope to see you there.