Junior Section

Welcome to The Leamington and Warwick Magic Society Junior Section!

It is open to all keen magical youngsters aged from 10 onwards.   You don’t need to highly skilled, but you do need enthusiasm and a basic understanding of some magic before you come to us, a drive to learn, and most importantly of all… the ability to keep secrets!

In addition to teaching sleight of hand, we also cover other aspects of magic such as creating routines, performance skills and audience management.

Once a year, the Junior Section puts on a show for members, families and friends.  We also encourage them to perform outside of the club in shows at schools and other venues with senior magic society members at 50/50 Fundraising Events .

We meet most club nights between 7 and 8pm, prior to the start of the Seniors’ meeting.

You are welcome to attend one meeting free of charge to meet us and see what we do, after the first meeting the membership fee is payable.

For more details, such as how to join and arranging your first visit to our junior section, please contact the club Secretary.

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